Thursday, 23 August 2012

HR - WIP - 036

HR - WIP - 036, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Via Flickr:
Quite happy with the final look of the tabs, think this will be the final look with a few possible changes.

This shows the generate, edit and convert tabs of the arm limb but the same exact layout is used for the legs (as they load from the same procedure).

The Spine and Head have the same generate tab but the edit and convert are slightly different but basically the same so its quick for the user to pick up.

Ive also added a refresh button which when clicked refreshes the entire GUI without deleting and re-opening it. This is if users press Undo, so for example if the user converts there limb to joints the convert button gets locked and turns green to show its been used and can't be used again. However if the user presses Undo, the limb is no longer converted to joints, so by clicking the refresh the GUI examine what's in the scene and reset the buttons to match, so the user can press undo if they have done something wrong and the buttons will refresh aswell.

I have made a script job that does the same thing. A script job is a script executed every time a trigger is activated, so for example i could have it so the GUI buttons refresh every time the user presses Undo which has a real time affect so the user has no need to click a button. However this has the effect of reducing the Undo list to 1, so its limits how many things can be undone so for that reason im sticking with a button for the moment.

Ive added a skinning tab which i might add some more skinning functions to and an edit tab which will contain some global setting and options.

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