Saturday, 31 March 2012

HR - 006 - WIP

HR - 006 - WIP, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Via Flickr:
Here iv been working on the ribs a bit more. Getting reference for horse skeletons is harder that the human counterpart, there are plenty from the front and side but not many from a perspective view that show the full volume of the ribs.

After some searching though I came across a few that were relay helpful.

For the ribs again i deleted all but the 1st, re-moulded the 1st and duplicated and re-moulded for the rest.

The main reason for not just using the same ribs from the human is id have to remoulded each rib separately so having a clean new one made it easier and quicker.

Also to note is that horses have more ribs than humans.

Now ill got ahead and remoulded the sternum and cartilage between the ribs

HR - 005 - WIP

HR - 005 - WIP, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Via Flickr:
Fine tuning the spine, here I deleted most of the middle spine, changed the front one and used that for the rest as the middle ones are quite similar.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Masters - WIP

Sorry for the lack of recent posts :3

Currently iv been starting my main masters project which is going to be homology based rigging script. The idea is that through homology (the study that animals share structures e.g. bones) we can apply the same rigging methods to similar structures, e.g. a dog and human arm are similar in bone structure so the rigging can be similar as well.

So with this ill be making a rigging script that the user can blend between different creatures and pre-sets. The idea so far is that the user selects what spine they want, then limbs, what animal/hybrid they want for that limb, then any fine tweaks they want from the limb to fit there character.