Friday, 11 March 2011

The Smurfs - Official Movie Trailer

God dam it... I love 3D animations and films, but some things should be kept original. Ill try keep and open mind as I haven't actually seen the entire film yet but it looks like its going down the line of the new Garfield films, which in my opinion are a bad example or a 2D to 3D cartoon conversion. However we have seen some good conversions as in Looney toon animations but it brings up the question of why then made it a live action film, it could have kept some quality by making it entirely CG and original to the cartoons but it seems that opting for a live action Smurfs will be cheaper and easier to make money from. Overall i love seeing great animation and its good when they can keep things alive like Looney toons but thay have to keep the quality up.

James Thompson - 3D generalist Showreel

Hi, as part of my individual project we had to make a showreel (which i would have made anyway :) ). So here it is, my 3D generalist showreel of the best work ive does over the past few years for my course at Bradford University.