Monday, 16 August 2010

What am i - WIP - 29

What am i - WIP - 29, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Instead of adding resolution to simple objects to give a smooth look ive decided to use the round corner node. The round corner node acts as a normal trick, so the hard edges on the mesh to the right are smoothed when its rendered to give the result on the left. Ive plugged it into the mia_material_x standard bump which leaves the overall bump to be connected to a texture for the rusty metal look.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

What am i - WIP - 28

What am i - WIP - 28, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

I wanted to add some cloth to the scene so instead of modeling some cloth by hand i used the Ncloth system. By using nCloth i made a polygon plane into cloth and had it fall and wrap around some cubes to give the look its covering some crates or something. then i deleted the history and Ncloth systems to give the final mesh, this also helped because it started off as a plane, the uv's are already perfectly set out :D

Thursday, 12 August 2010

What am i - WIP - 27

What am i - WIP - 27, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Modeling with hair. I wanted some broken wires to spill out from a hole in the ceiling, this sounds easy to make but it would involve making a nurb's curve, extruding along it to make a tube/wire, then adjusting the curve and making more wires but to do this 30 times and try and get a realistic look can be quite hard and tedious. So instead i created some maya Nurbs curve hair, made it collide with the room and played the simulation through so that the nurbs curves would fall with gravity and collide with the different parts of the room and give a realistic drooping look, then when all was done i extruded along the curves and deleted the hair system so i was just left with some nurbs tubes for my wires :), by doing this i was able to make them in about 8 min :D