Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Zap - Read the fine print

That awkward moment when you hand in your final submission a month early. I decided to take part in the digital tutors but it was my fault that I didn't read the entire thread and dint realise the deadline was the end of December instead of November :D. Learning from that its important to try apply the same thing with other deadline, if this was a University deadline id have plenty of time to improve and get peers to check it so in future it might be wise to set deadline a little earlier than they relay are :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Zap - WIP - 006

Zap - WIP - 006, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

This is for a digital tutors contest where we have to create a game prop/weapon (from a pre-excising game or made up) with a max poly quad count of 1000 and 1 texture (thing 512 not sure)

I decided to make my own gun instead of doing one from an excising game as there more creative freedom and its fun to come up with your own ideas.

So i decided to make a sort of retro futuristic tesla gun. This screen show shows the current modeling and rigging complete (just under 1000 polys).

Now its onto the texturing stage but im still unsure which will look best, either retro sci-fi like bright block shiny metal or a steampunk style. At the moment if thinking the more retro as steam punk seems to be everywhere at the moment in films and game.