Saturday, 22 May 2010

Old ideas into new

Old ideas into new, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

This is a render for a relay old project i started. over the years i have been planning this animation and now i have decided to make it for my individual project next year at uni, so now im going to re-make the scene as i can make it a lot better now having learned a lot over the years. this will be a long project but should be fun :D

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Just some good animation to watch created by Blur studios in California. One of the main thing that helps as an animator is to watch animations (and not just one genre like manga :S). From watching you can see the motions and emotions needed to create a successful animation, also there fun to watch :D.

New maya stereo 3D tutorials

This was for part of a group project at Bradford University. In these tutorials you will learn what a stereo 3D is and the different types, How to make a stereo 3D camera, render inside maya and then composite back inside After Effects. There will be some more maya tutorials over the summer :D

Demo reel with rigs

This is my first demo reel. Ive included my animation and a screen capture of the rig's i made for the animation. Although this reel is more rigging orientated, I am more interested in character animation as i feel i have a good understanding rigging and would like to concentrate in other areas.

Animation so far :D

This is my final animation that i handed in at university for my advanced character module. There are a lot of ways this animation could be improved as a lot of mistakes were make but i have learnt a lot fro doing this :). I particularly liked doing this animation as it was the first time ive experimented with the relationship between two characters in the same animation.