Thursday, 26 May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

Animation in UDK test

Animation in UDK test, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Hi, ive been using UDK for a bit but now that university is over i have some more time to leant UDK.

In this video iv rigged and animated a simple joint chain and used the actorx plugin to export the skeletal mesh and animation to UDK. The inside UDK ive imported the mesh and animation and played it through a matinee sequence.

This might look a little lame at the moment but this was just a test, its the same principle if this was a complex character rig.

The reason im testing this is im planning on taking a Masters degree and my main focus will be animation for games and mainly UDK.

Thanks to André Wahlgren UDK tutorials.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bone - WIP - 02

Bone - WIP - 02, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

For this we have to accurately fix some scanned leprosy bones and texture as full hi-res meshes.

The scanned model had some small holes so I started inside maya by filling and adding some edges to the new faces to fit in with the rest of the mesh, this took longer than usual and maya runs slower due to the poly-count. The did a cylindrical map and unfolded the UV's, it wasn't possible to manually stitch the uv as again with the high poly-count but the unfolded version was good.

I then imported the bone as a Obj into mud-box where i loaded the reference photos as projections and painted the bone. The textures had to be accurate as the detail in the image matches the detail on the poly surface.

After creating the texture I rendered back in maya with mental-ray.