Wednesday, 14 April 2010


texturing, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

When working its always important to stop, take a look and ask for peoples opinion as its easy to get lost in you're work. I wasn't going to texture this spider thing but after doing a few test it became apparent that it improves it quite a bit.

ship animation

ship animation, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

some animation for the start. the lights on the sip are part of a rig i will be making a tutorial on soon, where the lights are controlled by nurbs curves and also the ship and a maya asset.

animation is fun

animation is fun, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Started animating finally. for this i'm using a pose to pose method. Pose to pose means you just block in the key poses of the characters. this way you will have a simple version of the full animation that you can then go back into and fine tune everything. For the animation im also leaving the facial animation and hands last as theres no point in making some awesome facial animation only to find you want to change that pose or action and loose the work. The animation will be done soon as ive only got a few weeks left before the deadline.... :(.