Tuesday, 21 August 2012

HR - WIP - 034

HR - WIP - 034, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Via Flickr:
Yo dog, we heard you were rigging a dog...

Huge update since last as iv gone over the whole script making it as efficient as possible.

No every limb is made from the same procedure (including the head), this is done by making a procedure that makes a sphere control and parents it to the previous sphere control so ultimately its quite like the joint tool.

I've also made the tabs procedural so all the "Generate" tabs are from the same procedure, all the "Edit" tabs are from the same ect... Also the Main tabs "Spine" "Arm" "Leg" "head" all come from the same procedure.

So in the end 16 different tabs all come from 2 procedures but there totally custom to the limb there making.

This picture shows how a quadruped might look like at the end. This was 100% made through the GUI of the script so it can give you an idea of what can be made, and this only took about 2 minuets to generate :D.

Other update are the clavicle controls, automatic pole-vector and improved naming conventions.

What I might add at the end is a quick build tab where the user can specify the more common used animals such as Human horse bat and dog, which will then build the entire animal in pre-rig move (so the user can move it to fit the mesh) then convert the entire thing so its only 2 steps for the more common animals.

You may notice that the clavicle controls are pointing down, this is because there parented under a group that's rotated to match the joint they control, this means the clavicle control's rotation and the joints rotation match, which means the rotate perfectly with no nasty offset.

The back legs on this also have clavicle controls but its optional so you don't have to have them (as there isn't a clavicle in the hip) but ive left the option in as this can be used for some strange creatures that might have a clavicle (To get things like hexapods working) also it allows a little more freedom for the animator to get better poses.

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