Tuesday, 31 July 2012

HR - WIP - 025

HR - WIP - 025, originally uploaded by James D Thompson.

Via Flickr:

This is where the hard work is starting to pay off.

With absolutely no change apart from using "Leg" as the procedures argument instead of "Arm" the whole process of adding IK, FK, Pole vectors, Stretchy limbs and control curves is completely compatible with all "Leg" limbs.

And By "Arm" and "Leg" this is referring to all upper and lower body limbs be that birds wings, flippers horse legs.

For parts like the spine and head the bones are different so they will need there own custom procedure's but those custom procedures will be very small as that will just be using the same procedures that the arm and legs do to convert to joints, set-up the GUI and do all the IK/FK stretch and controls.

making this all procedural and flexible to work with any limb has really saved a huge amount of time as basically one process can be applied to all limbs.

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